Campus Security


Chadron State College is committed to providing students, employees, and guests with a safe and secure environment. Chadron State College has an agreement with the Chadron Police Department that provides a Campus Resource Officer and the support of the Police Department to the campus. In addition, the campus employs a Security Supervisor and Security Officers.

Campus Security strives to work cooperatively with CSC employees, engage with and educate students, enforce laws and policies, and reduce student fears.


The Security Office is located in the Maintenance Building, Room 102.

The Campus Resource Officer is located in Kent Hall (first floor, east wing)

Phone Number

Security Office: 308-432-6037

Campus Resource Officer:
Office: 308-432-6040
Mobile: 308-430-4142

CSC Safety Escort: 308-360-1887

*In case of emergency, dial 911 or 9-911 if calling from a campus phone.

Crime Statistics Information 2023-2024

Parking Information

Chadron Police Department and public safety information

Lockdown Procedures

In Chadron State College’s continuing effort to improve a safe campus community, the ILoveUGuys Active Shooter program has been initiated. The use of consistent language has shown to be effective in speeding up response to critical events.

  • This will be announced if a threat exists close to or on campus.
  • When this is announced, we are asking that all building exterior doors be locked.
  • No one is allowed in during a lock-out.
  • This will be announced when a threat is entering or has already entered a campus building.
  • When this is announced everyone is to secure themselves in a safe room in the building they currently are in.
  • Lock the room door, secure the door with anything you can find, barricade the door with items in the room.
  • Think about how you can defend yourself. Look around for possible weapons.
  • If you can safely get out of the building, do so.
  • Do not take time to gather your possessions.
  • Always follow the orders of law enforcement, campus security, and first responders.
  • This is not the time to question what is being asked of you.
  • Law enforcement does not know who the bad guy(s) or good guy(s) are.
  • They may ask you to raise your hands, crawl out, etc.
  • Expect yelling, loud noises, being grabbed, being searched, etc.
  • Let them do their jobs for everyone’s safety.
  • This is announced for weather-related events like a tornado, severe thunderstorm, etc.
  • When this is announced you need to find a safe place in the building.
  • This announcement is issued for events such as fire, bomb threat, gas leak, etc.
  • This order requires everyone to leave the building they are in.
  • Do this safely, but quickly.
  • Do not touch or pick up anything.

Large, silver, reflective numbers are on all exterior doors of campus buildings. These numbers are placed in the upper-right-hand corner of the exterior door. Numbering follows a north-side, clockwise system. No. 1 is the first door on the north side, making No. 2 next as we move clockwise around a building. Stacked doors are numbered from the lowest door up. These numbers are to be used in the event of an emergency. Reporting parties are to use the building and closest door number when calling in an emergency.

Example: “Miller Hall door #1”

Solid exterior doors will also have the number placed on the interior in the lower-right-hand corner for quick identification.

What We Do

Chadron State College Security believes that a community committed to the prevention of crime promotes the safest living and learning environment.

Campus Patrol

Campus Security Officers patrol campus property in a marked vehicle, as well as on foot. Officers provide a visible deterrent and active response to criminal activity.

Safety Escort

Safety Escort services are available to all campus students, employees, and visitors. A Campus Security Officer will accompany anyone on campus property who feels apprehensive about walking alone—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crime Prevention Services

Campus Security will present programs to educate, inform, and encourage crime prevention techniques. The information and programs available include:

  • Student, parent, and employee orientation
  • Crime prevention techniques
  • Personal property security
  • Campus parking policies and enforcement
  • Active shooter campus procedures

Maintenance and security of campus facilities are the responsibilities of the entire campus community. Officers attend to the college’s buildings and grounds with consideration for safety and security. Report irregular conditions, such as broken windows or locks, burned out lights, or other hazards, to Campus Security. Officers will respond promptly to safety and security concerns. Campus Security will contact maintenance staff about each situation.

Crime Alerts

Crime alerts and crime reports are released when serious crimes occur that are considered to be a continuous threat to members of the campus community. When circumstances warrant, information may be provided to the campus community through:

  • Emails
  • Personal notification
  • Fliers
  • The Eagle
Report a Crime

Any person may report a crime or suspicious activity by contacting:

CSC Security: 308-432-6037

Chadron Police Department: 308-432-0510


In case of an emergency, incidents involving an immediate concern for a person’s physical safety or other crimes in progress dial 911 or 9-911 from a campus phone.

Victims are encouraged to report all incidents to either Campus Security or the Chadron Police Department, regardless of how insignificant the crime may seem. Campus Security or Police Officers will respond at any time to meet the victim, take a report, investigate the incident, and provide assistance. Campus Security Officers are in direct radio contact with the Chadron Police Department at all times.


Chadron State College is an alcohol and drug free campus on all property, including resident housing and parking lots. In compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, the college’s policy along with federal, state, and local laws that regulate the possession, use and sale of alcohol and narcotics is published in the Student Handbook.

Residential Facilities and Policies

Campus Security works closely with the Residential Life Director and Assistants to ensure a safe residential campus experience. A Campus Resource Officer (CRO) has an office in Kent Hall. The CRO is a Nebraska Certified Law Enforcement Officer of the Chadron Police Department.

Weapons Possession

The possession or use of firearms, fireworks, explosives or other lethal weapons on campus property is strictly forbidden and subject to criminal prosecution, as well as college disciplinary actions. See the Student Handbook for specific weapons policies.


How do I obtain a parking permit?

Parking permit costs are included in a student’s tuition. Students can claim their parking permit at the Business Office located in Crites Hall.

Does my parking permit allow me to park anywhere on campus?

No, students can only park in designated areas according to the permit on the vehicle. No vehicles should park in Fire Lanes. Only vehicles with Handicap permits may park in Handicap spots. Parking permits do not allow parking in Visitor spots.

15-minute parking spots are monitored.

Service Vehicle parking spots are only to be used by Campus Services personnel or local law enforcement/EMS.

What do I do while my vehicle is getting repaired or I have to bring a different vehicle to campus temporarily?

Temporary parking permits can be obtained from Campus Parking located in Sparks Hall, Room 113 at no charge. Temporary parking permits do not permit parking in restricted or reserved spots.

Do my guests need a permit to park on campus?

Yes. Temporary parking permits can be obtained from Campus Parking located in Sparks Hall, Room 113 at no charge.

Are 15 Minute and/or Service Vehicle Parking Zones enforced at all times?

Yes, these are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I enjoy the outdoors and am a hunter. Can I bring my hunting weapon to campus?

No, weapons are not allowed on campus. The Chadron Police Department provides a safe and secure storage location for use by all campus members that is accessible off campus.

Are students allowed to work in the campus security department?

Yes, if interested inquire at the CSC Security Office, Maintenance Building, Office #102.

Will Campus Security unlock my vehicle if I lock my keys in the car?

No, Campus Security does not unlock vehicles. Contact the Chadron Police Department in this event.

Can I dispute a parking ticket?

Yes. Tickets can be contested by contacting Campus Parking located in Sparks Hall, Room 113.